We start testing very early on in the process and the first usability tests are made with paper prototypes, gradually evolving to fully functional applications. Usability testing will help us eliminate possible barriers from the start and help us build on solid grounds. We carry out usability tests within our facilities or offsite, depending on the situation. Offsite evaluations may require the presence of an evaluator or they can be conducted in a fully remote fashion. Each case requires its own setting.

We have equipment and software for both onsite and remote evaluation, which you can check under Tools and Facilities.

Years of usability testing with older adults have turned us into experts in the matter. Testing with older adults requires training and knowledge of specific abilities, behaviours and needs which have implications not only in the way tests are conducted, but also on how sessions are planned, how participants are contacted or how to welcome participants for a usability session.

Our expert knowledge in this topic has led us to write a couple of publications sharing our knowledge with other researchers and practitioners.