you’ll do things differently with us

How so?

Most of our value lays on our people, background knowledge and years of accumulated experience in our focus areas.

We consider design to be the entire process, not just the making. Design, as defined by Herbert Simon is to '[devise] courses of action aimed at changing existing situations into preferred ones' (Simon 1996: 111).

You tell us what you need and together we will define how we can collaborate. The outcomes of our work will vary depending on your project, your audience, your goals or where in the project you want us to step in.

The goal of Human-Computer Interaction is to design products and spaces to support the way people communicate and interact in their everyday lives and working environments.

User & Social Experience

User experience is about how the consumer feels about using a product in dimensions of affection, emotion or/and experience.

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Mobile & Future Devices

From the TV to smartphones, tablets to wearables, our goal is to seemly blend them into people's lives to the extent that they become unnoticeable while being still quintessential.

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Evaluation & Usability

The evolution that takes place from the first prototype and idea to the final and commercialized product includes a number of iterations, which should always occur as a result of evaluations

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